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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dear Diary

CURRENT MUSIC: Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Hello again.

I have asked Captain Jones to explain Blogging to me. She obliged. I now understand that this format is not like the crew logs on our ship, where I detail missions and security specs. Nor will it be like our ship's computer. The computer speaks back to me. Captain Jones has said that Blogs do not talk back. She mentioned that sometimes there are Commentors. I am unclear on the concept, but will meet these Commentors as I always do: with the heart of a giant and the iron grin of a warrior.

Instead, a Blog is a diary. It is a place for me to share my thoughts. Captain Jones said this would be good for me.
Captain Jones

So. Dear Diary,

I should not be here.

I should have been executed at the SyzyCourts on Barfugrab.

I should have died an unknown.

Fate, however, was on my side. Captain Jones insists that what I call fate is actually her ineptitude. No matter. She crashed into my life when it was about to be snuffed out. She says I could have saved myself.

Not without her.

Diary, I have never been so indebted to another!

Not only has she saved my life, she showed me how to blog!

Though I must admit that I am unused to being so forthcoming about my internal life. There is so much I've had to keep secret. Like All the Killing.

Should I not have spoken of All the Killing?

I have been told I give people the wrong impression when I talk about All the Killing. Perhaps I should Blog on lighter matters? Perhaps I should Blog on the movie How to Lose a Millocanth in 10 Parsecs. I have been told it is an enjoyable film that I "OMG MUST WATCH."

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